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Proximity Switches (LPS-3210)

Proximity Switches (LPS-3210)

Trade Info
Model NO.: LPS-3210
Basic Info
Model NO.:LPS-3210
Product Description

Skyweal's proximity switches offer you the best prerequisites for recording, counting, and positioning. No matter what application or industry, our proximity switches always have the right sense for each situation.

Foshan Skyweal Electronics Co., Ltd. is engaged in importing reed switches, and manufacturing relevant float sensors, flowswitch, magnetic sensors, proximity sensors and temperature sensors.

Water level switch is mainly used in equipments which request water level is regularly kept unchangeably. As a water level automatic control, it works when connected with implementation devices such as water pump or solenoid valve. Water level switch can be widely used in automobile, industry equipments, agriculture equipments and household electrical appliances such as ceiling air conditioner, solar water heater. Function Characteristics: When liquid level rises (or falls), swith will turn on/turn off.

Sensor Body Material 
Max. Contact Rating 
 10 W
Max. Switching Voltage 
 100 VDC
Max. Switching Current 
  0.5 A
Min. Breakdown Voltage 
 200 VDC
Max. Carry Current 
  1.0 A
Max. Initial Contact Resistance 
Do not include the wire 
 200 mΩ
Min. Insulation Resistance 
 10 8 Ω
Max. Release Time 
 0.1 ms     
Max. Operate Time 
 1.0 ms